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Academia Ciencias

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Calle Arroyo 14, local esquina calle Júpiter. Sevilla Calle Miño 22, Sevilla
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The teaching methods of Academia Ciencias come down to active and interactive teaching through communication. It is based on the assumption that a foreign language should be learned in the same way as the mother tongue, i.e. in practice and in continuous communication. The students of Academia Ciencias are encouraged to use Spanish in real-life practical situations, so that they gain confidence and faith in their skills.
All teachers are native Spanish speakers, have a university degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and a lot of enthusiasm for their work. The textbooks used during the classes were developed by lecturers from Academia Ciencias.

The school is located in the centre of Sevilla. Students can take advantage of libraries with free Internet access, Wi-Fi network and free access to the online course.

Academia Ciencias offers the possibility to adjust the course to the needs of each of its participants. The length of the selected course can be freely chosen, starting from one week, and start dates are flexible. The student can also choose the type of accommodation and the scope of additional activities: daily outings and weekend trips. Sevilla’s cultural heritage, its fiestas and people create great conditions to learn about the language and culture of Spain and Andalusia. It is a city with a long tradition of bullfighting and flamenco, where the sun shines for 3,000 hours a year.

Course type

  • intensive course / curso intensivo
  • superintensive course / curso superintensivo
  • one-to-one course / curso individual "one to one"
  • conversation classes / conversación
  • history of Spain / historia española
  • literature of Spain / literatura hispana


access to the library
free Wi-Fi access
online course free of charge
cultural offer during the week
weekend excursion offer
two school offices

Academia Ciencias
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