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The 3 benefits of studying Spanish in Malaga

The province of Malaga has positioned itself as one of the best destinations in which to learn Spanish. The good climate, good gastronomy and diverse cultural influences enrich the language and give rise to an open and friendly character that invites exchange.
In this article, we tell you the advantages of learning Spanish in Malaga and make your language immersion a success. Enjoy learning Spanish on the Costa del Sol!
Spanish immersion in Malaga city

1. It’s a privileged destination to enjoy learning Spanish

The Costa del Sol stands out from many other places in Spain for several reasons. In the province of Malaga, the average annual temperature of 20º, together with the sunshine and the diversity of natural attractions, help you find the ideal paradise to immerse yourself in the study of the local language.
If there is one thing that the Spanish language represents in the eyes of the world, it is openness, naturalness and richness. All these elements are part of everyday life on the Costa del Sol, where you can enjoy hours of study while discovering the most adventurous sports, meeting charming people and discovering authentic natural paradises in the form of sea and mountains.
And let’s not forget the rich culture that this region treasures. Here you can discover the Flemish roots, the Arab influences left by the Muslims in the south of the peninsula between the 8th and 15th centuries or the many artistic routes that had such an impact on the world in the past, from Mudejar architecture to the works of Picasso.
For lovers of language and architectural heritage, the province itself is a museum. From east to west and from north to south, it is possible to travel through various municipalities, towns and historical sites, delving into the ancient traditions and civilisations that have led to the Spain of today. Roman roads, Arab baths, megalithic dolmens and multiple constructions allow you to trace the historical evolution of the province, the best motivation for language learning.

2. It has a great social life

Another factor that makes learning Spanish in Malaga province a great choice is the lively social and nightlife that is typical here. The Spanish people offer visitors an open and tolerant way of being, which has a very positive effect on social ties and the learning of the Spanish language.
As it is not all about study, but about practice, immersion and experiences, in the province of Malaga you will feel the youth and the night in all its splendour. Vibrant and avant-garde pubs that become centres of linguistic exchange, social gatherings in diverse environments and a totally cosmopolitan or “castiza” aura encourage the learning of the language from other approaches.

3. It has a great gastronomy

spanish immersion in Malaga espeto

A different way of getting to know the culture of a particular country is to immerse yourself in its gastronomy. It is a heritage proposal that is becoming more and more valuable, and no wonder! Through Malaga’s culinary tradition you can discover a whole world of flavours and experiences. From the Mediterranean cuisine of the coast, where the stars are the sardine skewers and the famous fried fish from Malaga, to the typical products and dishes of the inland villages. mission is a non-commercial information website.

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