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4 reasons why you should study Spanish in Seville

Seville is the fourth largest capital city in Spain. It is home to a wealth of history, art and culture that enchants all who visit. It is no wonder that hundreds of young people choose to study Spanish in Seville every year.
It is a charming city because of its relaxed atmosphere, the friendliness of its inhabitants and its perfect climate. Moreover, if you are looking to study and at the same time live an authentic Spanish experience, Seville is the ideal destination.
Below, we tell you everything this city has to offer for studying Spanish in Seville.
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1. Culture

Seville is one of the birthplaces of Flamenco and Andalusian traditions. Its inhabitants love music and dance, as well as being faithful followers of their ancient traditions. Some of the best known are the Easter Week celebrations marked by multitudinous processions, the smell of incense and the presence of the Sevillian brotherhoods.
You can also enjoy the spring festivals, such as the April Fair and Corpus Christi. These customs and traditions are repeated every year with all the enthusiasm and joy that characterises the Sevillians.

2. Architecture

Seville is home to the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. It also has monuments and buildings that show a great architectural richness. You can admire the Gothic, Renaissance and even Mudejar art that resulted from the Muslim occupation of the territory.
For students, visiting the city’s most important monuments is usually part of their weekend plans. It is a very interesting and enriching experience. Especially for those who love history and architecture.
Some of the monuments not to be missed are:
  • The Alcázar Royal Palace. This palace has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The structure has remained standing from the Arab period to the present day, passing through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque.
  • Seville Cathedral. This impressive Gothic work took 100 years to build. Today, it is also recognised as a World Heritage Site.
  • Plaza de España. This square is one of the most beautiful places in Seville. Although its construction is recent, it is still charming. It has fountains, canals, Venetian-style bridges and is decorated with mosaics representing the 48 regions of Spain.

3. Nightlife

Seville is one of the Spanish cities with a vibrant nightlife. Part of the reason is that it is a university city with a large number of young people and therefore there are plenty of bars and restaurants.
On the other hand, it is because Sevillians have a joyful spirit and like to party and celebrate. Within their routine, there is always space to get together with friends or family, whether to talk, dance or celebrate something special.
You will find venues with live music, as well as places to dance or watch nightly flamenco shows.
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4. People

Studying in Seville will be a great experience for many reasons. However, one of the things that will make you feel at home is the Sevillian way of being.
In Seville, people are warm and friendly. They have a welcoming spirit that makes anyone feel good, no matter where they come from. They are happy to welcome tourists, foreign students and anyone from other parts of the world. mission is a non-commercial information website.

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