Spanish in Andalusia is more than just learning. It's leisure!

Spanish + cuisine

An exquisite Mediterranean diet is everyday life in Andalusia! Olive oil, fresh fish and seafood, gazpacho and wine are just some of the region's specialties. Find out which province the famous Sherry comes from and where to go for tapas.

In a glass

The wine known worldwide as sherry comes from Jerez in Cádiz and took its name from the city’s name, which was later distorted in translation into other languages. Malaga specialises in sweet dessert wines and Córdoba is known for its Montilla-Moriles white wine. There's plenty to choose from!

Going for tapas

Spaniards enjoy eating in bars and restaurants and cultivate the associated pleasant traditions: cold drinks, beer or wine are served with snacks, called tapas. You can expect a few olives, a piece of cheese or ham... unless you're in Granada! The local specialities include a wide range of tapas served in such solid portions that if you order two or three drinks, the meal will make you full. Instead of a small snack you will get a steak with fries or a Jaen specialty, flamenquines (cheese and ham rolls).

Cold and refreshing

It's not just ice cream that brings relief during hot weather. A proven way to refresh yourself in extreme conditions are coolers: gazpacho, made from tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, seasoned with garlic and served with ice cubes, or salmorejo, typical of Córdoba, served with egg or Iberian ham.

Sweet as can be

Andalusia's desserts are the nicest reminiscence of the Moorish invasion – in Córdoba you will find a full range of almond and honey sweets. Sevilla is known for its typical Spanish cookies, polvorones. But "sweet" doesn't always mean "with sugar". Delicious strawberries ripen under the sun of Huelva, and in Almeria there are exotic fruits, such as cherimoya.

Nice and warm

The traditional cuisine of the individual provinces is dictated by their location: fish and seafood are typical on the coast and more meat dishes are eaten in the hilly areas inland. This diversity can be seen in Malaga's cuisine, where you will find both pork dishes and fritura malagueña – fish fried in olive oil.

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