Spanish in Andalusia is more than just learning. It's leisure!

For school groups

Many Spanish schools in Andalusia specialise in organising language trips for school groups, including from Poland. If you are a school principal, a Spanish teacher, a parent or guardian who is planning a trip for students, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the offer of Andalusian schools.

During their stay in Spain, Polish students can develop the skills they have acquired during classes in their country. Usually, such a trip is a great encouragement for them to continue learning, because they quickly find out that they are able to use new words or grammar in everyday situations in a shop, on the street or in contact with their Spanish and foreign peers.

The start date of classes is agreed with the Andalusian school. As a rule, courses start every week. The usual duration is one week, but it depends on the needs and budget of the Polish school / group. It is recommended for the students to have a similar level of language skills, but at the beginning they take a placement test and are divided into groups on this basis. Classes take place before noon, and in the afternoon there are additional activities such as city tours, cooking courses, flamenco and sports activities. The number of lesson periods and extra-curricular activities is determined before the departure, depending on the students’ needs. A Spanish lesson program can also be proposed to organisers, e.g. when we want our students to explore a grammar problem in more depth. In most cases, however, the classes aim to make the students more talkative, who in this way will overcome the barriers usually accompanying language learning. On weekends, the schools organise additional trips, this time longer, to another city or sightseeing tours. Their program is also tailored to the needs and capabilities of the Polish school.

Students will be accommodated in a dormitory or with Spanish families. In this case, parents and teachers from Poland determine whether they want to have their students “under control” and prefer that everyone should live in a student dormitory, or they decide to let their students “immerse fully” in Spanish culture and reality, and place them with local families, which have proven reliable and have been working with the language school for years, etc. The residential base is usually located in the close vicinity of the school, within a few minutes’ walk.

The flight to Spain is usually organised by the Polish school, but some Andalusian language schools also act as travel agencies or cooperate with travel agencies and can book air tickets. It is also worthwhile to use the services of an agency that will organise airline tickets, transfers at the destination for the Polish group, and often also arrange the curriculum and additional activities with the Spanish school on your behalf. Most Andalusian schools organise the transfer from the airport to the city. If you decide that the students are to live with Spanish families, they often pick them up from the airport and take them straight home, and then they have to accompany or take the student to the school.

Meals are also agreed with language schools and host families. If the group resides in a dormitory, they will eat the main meals there; the families provide breakfast and dinner, and, depending on the program, lunches.

As a rule, if a group consists of 10 students, the Andalusian school will cover the travel expenses of 1 teacher or guardian. Similarly, if the group consists of 20 students, the organiser will cover the costs of the trip of 2 teachers. The details are agreed with the Spanish organiser before departure.


The schools in Andalusia have a vast experience in training teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. Therefore, they regularly organise courses that allow Polish and foreign teachers to continuously improve their knowledge and skills in teaching Spanish. They teach how to use traditional methods and materials, but also present the application of new technologies, web portals, smartphones, mobile applications, etc. All this – to keep up with the development and interests of our students in the teaching process.

To find out more about the offers of the schools you are interested in, we encourage you to contact them directly. For this purpose, on the subpage of each school we provide you with a contact form “ASK FOR THE SCHOOL OFFER”. Each school communicates in English or Spanish. If you do not receive an answer to your inquiry, please contact our Warsaw office:

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