Spanish in Andalusia is more than just learning. It's leisure!

For travel agencies

If you represent a travel agency that organises language trips or you are an agent or want to become a representative of Spanish language schools on the Polish market, you will find their profiles and contacts details on our website.

If you are particularly interested in any of the schools in Andalusia, or if you would like to discover the schools in a particular town or part of our region, we will make this information available to you free of charge, and we will organise a trip to Andalusia for you, covering part of the costs. Also, we regularly organise visits of Andalusian language schools in Poland, which we can also keep you informed about.

We encourage you to contact us. Our services for Polish companies are free of charge:

EXTENDA Promotion Agency of Andalusia

Tel. +48 22 617 84 08 mission is a non-commercial information website.

Our mission is to provide you with free information to plan your dream holiday with Spanish. Here you will find a selection of courses from 52 schools in the region of Andalusia, along with direct school contact details. Extenda, the Promotion Agency of Andalusia, was established by the Autonomous Government of the region. We are one of dozens of teams scattered around the world that combine their work with a real passion.

Through the website, we want to help everyone quickly discover the offer of individual language schools in Andalusia as well as the attractions of each location.