Spanish in Andalusia is more than just learning. It's leisure!

Academia Málaga Plus

Cervantes Institute Certificate

(+34) 952 299 330

Pasaje Antonio Barceló Madueño 5 29017 Málaga
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Belonging to the Sprachcaffe Group, the school was founded in 1989 and has been gaining popularity and trust on the market ever since. Today, more than 750 students a year from all over the world take part in the courses it offers.

The school is located in Pedregalejo, a picturesque district of Malaga, 15 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes from the city centre, which offers many attractions.

Malaga Plus is a school accredited by the Cervantes Institute, which guarantees the quality of teaching. Classes are held in small groups, which makes the acquisition of new knowledge faster and more enjoyable.
The school offers courses for children, teenagers and adults, including Spanish courses for business and language teaching preparation courses for teachers. The courses are organised at different levels and with different levels of intensity.

The facility offers four types of accommodation: apartment (with roommates), individual studio apartment, accommodation with a Spanish family and dormitory.Throughout the year, the school organises a programme of activities and excursions so that students can make the most of their stay in Malaga. Favourite activities include a visit to the Picasso Museum and Pompidou Centre, but also water sports, such as surfing or kayaking, and weekend trips to nearby towns of Granada or Córdoba. The school also offers online courses.

“My name is Ga Young Kim and I study in Malaga. I’ve been learning Spanish for 3 months and I’ll be studying it for another 7 months. So I’ll be at school in Malaga for 10 months in total. The teachers at the school have more than 20 years of experience in teaching and this makes it much easier for people from abroad to master Spanish. There are many more students at school in summer than in winter. Classes are conducted in a family atmosphere and teachers know how to adjust the level to the students. The big difference in comparison with other schools is that we use a different book for each level. Conversations, however, are the main element of the classes. Although there are some people who think that it is impossible to learn the language in Malaga, I don’t think so. Teachers in the school use very good teaching methods. The Andalusian dialect is not so different from other dialects in Spain.
Malaga is not a very big city and people are very polite. The weather is also fantastic. That is why I recommend Malaga as a place to learn the language. And it never rains here!”

“Is there a better place to learn Spanish? You have to learn the language while being surrounded by it, so if you are in Spain, there is no better place than Málaga. The city has the best weather in Europe and the local cuisine is amazing. The staff of the school, which is relatively small, are extremely nice and helpful. So the atmosphere for learning Spanish is great. For example, one of the teachers, Lucia, always makes us laugh. Antonio (school principal) is also very nice. To sum up: In other words, a perfect school!” ~ Bart Van Zundert

Course type

  • on-line courses / cursos on-line
  • standard course / curso estándar
  • intensive course / curso intensivo
  • business Spanish / español para negocios


– interesting program of trips
– beach within a 15-minute walk from the school
– sporting activities


Academia Málaga Plus
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