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Colegio Maravillas

Cervantes Institute Certificate

+34 95 244 70 00 +34 95 244 73 77

Avda Salvador Vicente, 9, 29631 Benalmádena
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The school was founded in 1976 as a private primary school and high school for Spanish youth; two years later, the activities of Colegio Maravillas were extended to include Spanish language and culture courses for foreigners in a separate office in the city centre. Colegio Maravillas has 17 air-conditioned rooms, a library, a computer room, a small cinema room, a terrace and a café.
Colegio Maravillas is accredited by the Cervantes Institute and CSN, as well as the German Bildungsurlaub. During the winter season, it welcomes about 60 students from all over Europe, Asia and the USA, and during the summer this number increases to 200.
All teachers are Spanish and have an academic degree. The curriculum includes the use of audio-visual aids and classes take place in small groups (8 people on average, never more than 10), which allows for an individual approach to each participant. The staff of the school are not only able to communicate in Spanish, but also in English, Italian, French, German and Japanese.
The school offers a wide range of courses for pupils, students and seniors alike, from absolute beginner level to very advanced courses. It also offers different types of accommodation: with a Spanish family, in a flat shared with foreign or Spanish students, in a hotel or a rented flat. All locations are within a short distance from the school and the beach. There is a programme of additional activities every day after class, and twice a week there is a possibility of taking individual Spanish classes. The school also offers online courses.
The city of Benalmadena, where Colegio Maravillas is located, is 12 km from Malaga airport and is well connected with the city centre. In Benalmadena, there are good conditions for many sports, such as tennis, golf, sailing, windsurfing, diving and rollerblading.

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Course type

  • Spanish course for adults (people aged 18 and over) / cursos de español para adultos 18+
  • intensive course (20h of classes/week) / curso intensivo – 20 clases/semana
  • intensive course + individual classes / intensivo combinado con clases particulares
  • preparation for DELE exams / curso de preparación al examen DELE
  • Spanish for seniors / cursos para señores
  • course for teachers of Spanish (non-native speakers) / cursos para profesores no nativos
  • internship / internship
  • professional courses / cursos para profesionales
  • individual courses / clases particulares
  • courses for young people / cursos para jóvenes
  • spring and summer international course for young people / curso internacional para jóvenes en primavera y en verano
  • courses for school groups (adjusted to the needs) / programas a medida para grupos escolares
  • school year in Colegio Maravillas high school / año académico de bachillerato en Colegio Maravillas


access to the library and computer room
free Internet access
cinema room for 25 people
terrace (600 m area)
extra daily sports and cultural activities
disco outings
weekend trips
Spanish cuisine lessons
art and literature seminars
facilities for people with disabilities


Colegio Maravillas
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