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Andalucía School is a programme organised by Inercia Digital S.L. The aim of the programme is to offer courses for teachers and students from all over Europe and to improve their language skills. It also promotes the Erasmus Plus programme among teachers and students in our region.
The schools are located in several locations in Andalusia – Huelva, Sevilla and Malaga.
During the classes, a great emphasis is placed not only on learning the theory of the language but above all on the associated practice. The level of each course is adapted to the group profile. The courses run for 5 to 7 days and take place on dates agreed in advance with our project partners.
More information about the programme can be found in the catalogue prepared by Inercia Digital S.L. – the word “catalogue” should contain a link to the file they sent us
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Course type

  • Spanish and cooking / español y cocina
  • Spanish and flamenco / español y flamenco
  • Spanish and social media / español y redes sociales
  • Spanish for teachers / español para los profesores
  • Spanish and Google tools / español y herramientas Google


– Cultural programme
– Excursions


Erasmus + Andalucía
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Our mission is to provide you with free information to plan your dream holiday with Spanish. Here you will find a selection of courses from 52 schools in the region of Andalusia, along with direct school contact details. Extenda, the Promotion Agency of Andalusia, was established by the Autonomous Government of the region. We are one of dozens of teams scattered around the world that combine their work with a real passion.

Through the website, we want to help everyone quickly discover the offer of individual language schools in Andalusia as well as the attractions of each location.