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Cervantes Escuela Internacional

Cervantes Institute Certificate

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Avda Juan Sebastián Elcano, 89, 29017 Malaga
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Cervantes Escuela Internacional exists since 1986. From the very beginning, the school has been specialising in Spanish as a foreign language and now welcomes students of all ages and from all over the world. During the 30 years of its experience, more than 34,000 people have taken a course in the school.
Cervantes Escuela Internacional supports a wide range of levels and offers well-varied programmes so that courses can be precisely tailored to the needs of all students. Classes are held in groups of up to 9 people, so a more individual approach to each participant is possible. Teachers make every effort to make the classes interesting and varied, and most of the 7 classrooms are equipped with interactive boards. The school also offers online courses.
The aim of the school is to combine effective teaching with the organisation of leisure activities and the provision of good quality accommodation (all locations are inspected on weekly).
99% of Cervantes Escuela Internacional students have passed the DELE exam.
Read the students’ opinions on the Cervantes EI school!
Andreea Georgescu
Romania, Intensive Course, 4 weeks
“The decision to come to the school has changed my life, I came to learn Spanish, make new friends and visit new places, but the reality exceeded my expectations. Although I had a basic knowledge of the language before, in a month I have learned enough to move to Spain and make a fresh start. I must thank the teachers, not only for the patience they had for each student individually but also for the trust that allowed us to immerse into the Spanish way of life and improve every day, etc.
I met new friends, with whom I still keep in touch, although they live in other parts of the world. I have beautiful memories and, most importantly, I have improved my knowledge of Spanish, which was the basis for living and working in Spain.
I’d like to point out that every summer, when the school is full of students, I get nostalgic and revive the memories of the most beautiful month of my life – when I was one of them.”
Courtney Rudge
England, Long-term Super Intensive Course +, 36 weeks
“I really enjoy studying at Cervantes. I’ve learned so much since I arrived here. All the teachers are great and the trips the school organises are very amusing. I’m very impressed by the school, and I’m glad I decided to come here.
I have met many wonderful new friends, whom I wouldn’t meet otherwise, and most importantly, I have learned a lot about Spanish and, thanks to my cultural activities, I have broadened my knowledge of Spain and its customs. I like my course very much, and I think this school is a perfect place to study.”

Course type

  • intensive course / curso intensivo
  • standard course / curso standard
  • standard course plus / curso standard plus
  • legal Spanish / español jurídico
  • business Spanish / español comercial
  • Spanish for tourism purposes / español en el turismo
  • courses for teachers / cursos para profesores
  • Spanish + flamenco / español + flamenco
  • long-term courses / cursos de larga duración
  • courses tailored to the needs of the grou+F42p / cursos a medida para grupos
  • combined courses / cursos combinados
  • individual classes / cursos privados
  • online courses for all language proficiency levels / cursos online para todos los niveles
  • courses for people over 60 years old / cursos para adultos 60+


free access to Wi-Fi and computers
projection room
patio with cafeteria
cultural attractions during the week
weekend trips
online courses for all language levels


Cervantes Escuela Internacional
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