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Escuela Montalbán

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Montalbán is a medium-sized school with about 1000 students per year. Since 1986, students of all ages from all over the world have been taking Spanish classes in Montalbán. The value emphasized by the school is a friendly atmosphere, favoured by both the small number of students and the specificity of a typical Andalusian building with an internal patio, located in a quiet district, 10 minutes away from the city centre. Friendly relations among the group members and with teachers, as well as the school’s focus on intercultural communication are conducive to rapid progress in Spanish.

Learning a language also means getting closer to the people who use it and their culture. Every afternoon, Montalbán offers a variety of cultural activities and on weekends – one and two-day trips to Andalusia. There is a possibility to organize exchange conversations with students from Granada who are learning the students’ mother tongue, which helps to deepen the knowledge of Spanish and is an opportunity to exchange experiences between the two cultures.

Montalbán guarantees communication in five languages, assistance with travel arrangements, travel insurance and medical care, airport transfer and accommodation for its students. In an emergency situation, you can call a special telephone number, available round-the-clock. At the end of the course, all participants receive a diploma with information about the level and number of hours of classes; it is also possible to take an exam to obtain a “Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish as a Foreign Language”, which defines the actual language proficiency more precisely. The school also offers online courses.








The school offers a wide array of courses, thanks to which everyone will find something for themselves. The offers includes:

Intensive and superintensive courses with ECTS points / Cursos Intensivos y Superintensivos (con créditos ECTS)
Intensive courses with writing, conversation or culture workshops / Curso Intensivos con talleres de escritura, conversación o cultura
Individual courses / Cursos individuales
Spanish at the teacher’s home / Español en casa del profesor
Training of Spanish teachers (Erasmus+) / Formación para profesores de español (Erasmus+)
Course for Erasmus students at the University of Granada / Curso para estudiantes de Erasmus de la Universidad de Granada

Spanish for special purposes (business Spanish, Spanish for tourism or medical Spanish) and exams / Español para profesionales y exámenes (Español comercial/Turismo/Salud)
Courses preparing for DELE and SIELE exams / Cursos de preparación y exámenes DELE y SIELE

Programmes for school groups / Programas especiales para grupos escolares
Programmes for parents with children / Programas para padres e hijos
Spanish in 2 cities: Granada, San Sebastián, Madrid, Cádiz, Santiago de Chile, Cusco / Español en 2 ciudades: Granada, San Sebastián, Madrid, Cádiz, Santiago de Chile, Cusco
Spanish on-line / Español on-line

Spanish and Tango / Español y Tango
Spanish and Flamenco (dance / guitar / cajón) / Español y Flamenco (baile/guitarra/cajón)
Spanish and Salsa / Español y Salsa

Spanish and horse riding in the Sierra Nevada National Park / Español y montar a caballo en el Parque Natural de Sierra Nevada
Spanish and climbing / Español y escalada
Spanish and trekking in Landscape Parks /Español y senderismo en parques naturales
Spanish and mountain biking in Sierra Nevada / Español y bicicleta de montaña en Sierra Nevada
Spanish and yoga / Español y Yoga

Spanish and photo tours / Español y paseos fotográficos
Spanish and Federico García Lorca / Español y Federico García Lorca
Spanish and ceramics workshops / Español y taller de cerámica
Spanish and Arabic culture / Español y cultura árabe
Spanish and cuisine / Español y cocina

Course type

  • on-line courses / cursos on-line
  • General Spanish Courses / Cursos de Español
  • Language Exams / Examenes Oficiales
  • Special Programs / Programas Especiales
  • Spanish and Dancing / Español y Baile
  • Spanish and Sport / Español y Deporte
  • Español y Culture / Español y cultura


patio and the nearby café as a meeting place
unlimited and free access to Wi-Fi and 8 school computers
library and video library (approx. 500 books and textbooks, 400 films)
bicycle hire
cultural events after classes
weekend excursions in Andalusia

Escuela Montalbán
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