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Spanish Institute for Global Education

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Calle Luis de Morales, 32 (Edificio Forum), 3º - 33. 41018, Sevilla, España.
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The Spanish Institute for Global Education, established in 1982, offers learning programs for students and professionals in Sevilla. The offer proposed by Spanish Institute includes academic studies, Spanish lessons, teacher courses, internship programs, and holiday courses. In addition, students can take advantage of the school’s cultural attractions, excursions, and services related to finding accommodation.

Proposed programs:
  • University programs
    A semester or academic year at Spanish Institute University offers international students the opportunity to study at 3 universities located in Sevilla:
    – Universidad de Sevilla: courses for Spanish students are open at the same time to foreign students with an intermediate level of Spanish (B1 or B2, depending on the chosen field);
    – Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO): the study program includes Hispanic studies and is intended for students who wish to continue their studies at their home university. The courses are conducted at an advanced level of Spanish, but those with lower proficiency in Spanish can find a wide range of English classes for themselves.
    – EUSA: this private university offers about 30 different courses (Human Resources, Business, Cultural Studies, Languages, and History) in Spanish and English.
  • Spanish Language and Culture
    The courses at the Spanish Institute are characterized by rapid progress in the use of the language; their aim is to allow free communication and encourage thinking in a foreign language. The courses are conducted in a friendly manner, at different levels, based on speaking, active participation, and involvement of students, and the grammar is learned naturally.
    The types of classes available are:
    – Conversation and communication classes
    – Spain today
    – Development of writing skills
    – History and Culture
    Courses (at the student’s request) can be conducted to prepare for the DELE exam.
  • Internships or Service-Learning programs
    The Spanish Institute internship programs offer a wide range of internships and apprenticeships in companies in areas such as social work, health care, education, marketing, business, journalism, tourism, sports education, non-profit, and international organizations.
  • Teacher training courses
    We are specialists in effective methodologies for language learning, and we have very useful materials to refresh the language and take them to the classroom. In addition, the program includes updated content on Spain, its society, and its culture.
  • Customized programs in the form of an intensive course and “language immersion”, during which you become part of the daily life of a Spanish family.

Course type

  • • A semester or an academic year at the University / Curso académico o semestre en la Universidad
  • Spanish courses / Cursos de español
  • Internships programmes / Programas de prácticas
  • holiday programmes / Programas de verano
  • Courses for teachers / Cursos para Profesores ELE


presentation about the school
academic programme at the University of Sevilla, Pablo de Olavide University or EUSA
accommodation with a family in Seville
documents needed to obtain a student visa
health insurance and round-the-clock assistance
airport pickup
welcome package
passes needed for the passage

academic advice, mentor’s assistance

conversations with local students
outdoor trips


Spanish Institute for Global Education
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