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Tenidiomas is a language school located in Jerez de la Frontera. It has existed since 1984. It is accredited by the Cervantes Institute and its teachers have many years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners.
Learning in small groups promotes communicativeness and better assimilation of the material by the students. The rooms are air-conditioned, equipped with Wi-Fi and electronic boards.
The school is located in the historical part of the town of Jerez de la Frontera, close to historical and other cultural attractions and within walking distance of bars, restaurants and shops.
Tenidiomas emphasises active and practical language learning. In order to spread historical and cultural knowledge, the school organises practical classes in the city and on its outskirts. Everything is aimed at making the local Spanish culture as familiar as possible. Such classes may take place both during and after the lessons inside the school, depending on the course the student is taking. The school also offers online courses.
From day one, only Spanish is used in class and close contact is maintained between the students and the teacher, which implies individual consultations, if necessary, to clarify any doubts that may arise during classes.
The courses offered include preparation for the DELE and ICAO exams, Spanish + Flamenco, “The Language of Sherry” and courses for school groups.
The Tenidiomas School assists its students in finding accommodation. The learner can choose from: accommodation with a Spanish family, a B&B flat shared with other students, a hostel and a hotel in Jerez.
The school has numerous accreditations and is a member of FEDELE.

We encourage you to take a virtual tour of the new school premises! 🙂

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Course type

  • Creation of materials 15h/week / Creación de materiales: 15 h/ semana.
  • Gamification of learning 15h/week / Gamificación en la educación: 15 h/ 1semana.
  • Courses for groups / Cursos de español para grupos.
  • Training for teachers of Spanish 30h/2 times a week / Curso de formación profesores ELE: 30 h/2 semanas.
  • Spanish in business 15h/week / Español de negocios: 15 h/semana.
  • Spanish course / Curso extensivo.
  • Semi-intensive course 15h/week / Semi intensivo: 15 h/semana.
  • Intensive course 20h/week / Intensivo: 20 h/semana.
  • Intensive course plus 30h/week / Intensivo Plus: 30 h/semana.
  • Individual classes / Clases particulares Preparation for DELE exams 15h/week + 5h / Preparación DELE: 15 h/sem.+5h.
  • Spanish and Sherry (General Spanish) +5h (Specialist Spanish) + 3 extra activities / El idioma del Sherry: (español general) +5h (español específico) +3 actividades.
  • Spanish and horse riding + 3 practical classes / Español + Equitación + 3 clases prácticas
  • Spanish + flamenco: (General Spanish) +5h (Specialist Spanish) +3 practical flamenco classes. Español + Flamenco (Español general) +5h (Español especializado) + 3h clases prácticas de flamenco


Wi-Fi network
trips and cultural attractions
air conditioning
electronic boards


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