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Why study Spanish in Jaen? The main advantages offered by the city

If you are thinking of learning Spanish, one of the best decisions is to live in a smaller, more manageable city, in contact with nature. Jaén is, without a doubt, the right place for you because it is a city that you can walk around and where there are all kinds of services and amenities.
That’s why today I’m going to tell you about the main advantages of studying Spanish in Jaén. Take note!

The climate

In Jaén, summers almost start in spring, where the temperature rises progressively until July and August, with maximum temperatures of around 37-38 degrees Celsius. Lately, however, winters have not been as cold as in previous years. In addition, there is little rainfall. Throughout the year, the skies are usually clear and always sunny.
spanish in jaen city historic

The city

If you move to Jaén you will have approximately 113,000 inhabitants all year round, except in the peak summer months, when the population decreases, as people tend to move to more refreshing places like the coast for example. In summer, it is not an overwhelming, noisy and stressful city… Quite the opposite! In the city there are many terraces that fill up without being overcrowded like in the Spanish coastal cities.
The rest of the year, Jaén is a very quiet city, but it is not dead. It has a lot to do and see, so we are going to summarize some of the plans or activities that you can do if you live in Jaén.

Places of interest

From a cultural point of view, I recommend visiting the Provincial Archaeological Museum, which stands out for its Roman and Muslim remains and paintings. And the new Iberian Museum, which was recently inaugurated by King Felipe VI, bringing together the highlights discovered in the province and beyond. Also worth a visit are the Arab Baths, the oldest in Europe, located on the ground floor of the palace of the Count of Villadonpardo, which was built in the Renaissance period. Inside the palace there is also a collection of folk art and naïf art paintings.
spanish in jaen cathedral monuments


Parks and gardens

There are several interesting parks, the best known of which are listed below:
  • La Alameda, which was built in the 16th century and is next to the bullring and the Bernardas convent. It has a surface area of 20,000 m2, and consists of very well maintained landscaped areas and a hundred-year-old grove of trees, with species such as elms, eucalyptus, oaks, etc. It has an open-air auditorium inside. From this site there are spectacular views of the historic centre, the towers of the cathedral, the cross and the castle of Jaén, as well as the surrounding olive groves.
  • Parque de la Concordia, which is located next to the Plaza de las Batallas, and the Paseo de la Estación. It has several rectangular walkways and in its centre a large fountain. It also has a duck pond.
  • Andrés de Vandelvira Park, located next to the Boulevard area. It is the largest in Andalusia, covering some 100,000 m2. It has large garden areas, lawns and ponds. mission is a non-commercial information website.

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