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The CSLM (Centro Superior de Lenguas Modernas) was established as part of the University of Cádiz to promote language teaching at all levels (Spanish, English, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian). The CSLM teaching system is modern, flexible and effective, and its offer is intended not only for students, but for all interested persons.
Classes are held at four university campuses: in Cádiz, Puerto Real, Jerez and Algeciras. The scope of activities of CSLM involves language courses, language teaching methodology and translation. It also organises special courses in cooperation with universities and foreign institutions from the USA, the European Union, China, Russia, Norway and Morocco. The school has a wide range of accommodation options and activities to offer, depending on the needs of the students.
Due to the great interest in Spanish language courses, CSLM has created a wide range of courses corresponding to the Council of Europe classification levels, including general and specialised courses, related to social and cultural topics in Spain.
Classes are held in small groups and are always conducted alternately by two teachers to ensure a variety of teaching styles and methods. CSLM is an official DELE examination centre and organises examination sessions in May and November. The school also offers online courses.

Course type

  • trimester course (12 weeks) / curso trimestral
  • Spanish course (3 weeks) / curso de español (3 semanas)
  • specialist courses (society and culture of Spain) / cursos especializados (sociedad y cultura española)


wide range of additional activities
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