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Loyola Idiomas Córdoba

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Loyola Idiomas is Loyola University’s language training and accreditation center. Formed as a Limited Company in 2016 (Loyola School of Languages, Culture and Communication S.L), it has offices on the two university campuses of Loyola University in Seville and Córdoba.

What makes us different?

Loyola Idiomas is characterized by:

– Seriousness, rigor and recognition as a university center. We are the language center of Loyola University and together with it we strive for excellence in all the activities we carry out. That is why we take language learning by our students very seriously and we apply this seriousness and rigor in our daily tasks: with the students and their active participation in learning the language; with teachers in their role as provider, moderator, evaluator, etc., with the methodologies used, and with ourselves.

– Experience and academic training of its teachers, together with quality research. Loyola Idiomas teachers are highly qualified and experienced, most of them are also official examiners of the Cambridge exams.

– Flexibility and adaptation to different audiences. Our experience and knowledge of the sector allow us to adapt to the different groups that make up our students. – Internationalization. A network of international contacts with foreign universities that allows us to carry out exchange and language immersion activities.

– Eclectic methodology. We select the most appropriate teaching tools to respond to the diversity of styles of our students. – Language teaching with state-of-the-art technologies. The classrooms are fully designed and equipped for language teaching. In all classes, students will be taught with the latest technological advances. – Alliances with other institutions of international prestige such as Cambridge Assessment English and SIELE, which allow us to offer our students an objective and globally recognized accreditation of their languages.

– Training in intercultural skills. Knowing a language perfectly does not imply that we are capable of succeeding in multicultural environments. We must also be culturally competent, that is, know the cultural values ​​of a group and be able to establish relationships with its members.

We have modern facilities equipped with the latest technologies on the Seville and Córdoba campuses and our professors are experts in teaching and preparing official exams. ECTS Credits-As part of Loyola University, we can offer ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits for our Spanish Language and Culture programs.

We also offer a wide variety of languages ​​such as English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German and Arabic in different formats and modalities. As an exam center for Cambridge Assessment English and Linguaskill (ES071), we offer a wide calendar of calls. We are also a SIELE exam center (International Service for the Evaluation of the Spanish Language).

Course type

  • Pre-sessional Spanish language courses
  • Intensive Spanish courses for levels A1-C2 (ECTS credits available)
  • Extensive Spanish courses for levels A1-C2 (ECTS credits available)
  • Spanish Culture and Society courses (ECTS credits available)
  • Faculty-led customised programmes for international universities
  • Customised Spanish Language and Culture programmes for groups (we are pleased to create customised programmes for schools, universities and groups of students)
  • Spanish Language and Culture programmes with Business Administration Focus (in collaboration with the Business administration faculty at Universidad Loyola)


Loyola Idiomas is the Language and Culture centre of Universidad Loyola on campus in Córdoba. We are experts in language training and assessment and have given language and culture courses to thousands of students over the years.

At Loyola Idiomas we enable students to develop linguistic and cultural skills that will allow them to live and experience a richer professional and personal life. We want to open the doors to giving you the opportunity to live, study or work abroad without language barriers.

Loyola Idiomas is, furthermore, a meeting place for different cultures where you will be able to share experiences and knowledge through intercultural exchanges, developing positive attitudes towards the linguistic diversity and cultural pluralism of today’s world.

As a University Language centre, our programmes can offer ECTS credits and certification by an internationally recognised University, part of the International Association of Jesuit Universities (IAJU). In addition, as an official SIELE (International Service of Evaluation of the Spanish Language) our students can officially accredit their level of Spanish with us.

Why study Spanish in Córdoba?

Córdoba (UNESCO world heritage city) is steeped in over 2,000 years of history – the Romans, the Visigoths, the Jews, the Moors and then the Spanish all left their distinct imprint on Cordoba, making it one of the most mesmerizing and interesting cities in Spain.

With great weather, delicious food and its central location in Andalucía, the city of the world famous Mezquita has so much to offer.

Cordoba is a medium sized city (population 325,000) which is known for its safety, cleanliness and friendly locals who will be delighted to practice Spanish with you.


Sample Culture and Society course topics include:

  • Flamenco: an in-depth look at the traditional folk music and dance of Andalusia: including dance classes with flamenco dancers!
  • Legends and Traditions of Andalucía: including a tour of the historic center of Cordoba.
  • Andalusian Gastronomy where we look at the famous dishes and culinary delights of Andalusian cuisine. This workshop includes visits to local markets and a Tapas Night in the centre of the city.
  • Andalusian fairs and holidays: including Semana Santa, the May flower festivals and the Feria de Mayo.
  • Spanish Literature: including texts from the Spanish Siglo de Oro.
  • Spanish Media: including an in-depth look at Spanish films, television and the press. 


Loyola Idiomas Córdoba
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