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Mosaico Spanish Courses

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Calle Juzgado, 13 bajo. 41003 Sevilla
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Mosaico is a school located at the heart of the Andalusian capital, Sevilla. With more than 40 years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners, the institution has an interactive and dynamic teaching system.
The school is located in a historic part of the city, not far from the bustling, picturesque streets full of bars, small shops and restaurants, offering a rich cultural life, which encourages you to discover local customs and learn Spanish in practice.
Air-conditioned rooms equipped with electronic boards, a computer room, lounge and Wi-Fi network are available to students.
The school has its own educational system “Español en Marcha” (Spanish in practice) and places great emphasis on learning the language through interaction with the local culture, offering its students both theoretical and practical knowledge.
With small groups of 8 people, learning in Mosaico is enjoyable, allowing for a more efficient learning process and close contact between students and teachers.
On the first day, each student must write a language proficiency test, so that an appropriate curriculum can be selected for them. Students who decide to stay longer are under the constant guidance of a coordinator, who regularly evaluates their progress.
The courses offered are intended for students over 18 years old.
The school’s offer includes both general and individual courses, as well as those intended for teachers and business people. The facility also offers Spanish courses combined with a flamenco or cooking course and a language course combined with a professional internship.
Since 2016, the school has been an official SIELE examination centre.
Information about the school in English: 00 Mosaico Centre School
Information on the summer course for teenagers: 05 CADIZ Summer Camp

Course type

  • • General Spanish course / Curso General de Español (20h)
  • One-to-one course
  • Business Spanish / Curso de Español de Negocios
  • Trainings for teachers of Spanish / Español para profesores ELE
  • SIELE exam preparation / Preparación de Exámenes SIELE
  • Internship / Prácticas Profesionales
  • Spanish and watercolour / Español y acuarela
  • Spanish and flamenco / Español y flamenco
  • Spanish and cooking / Español y cocina
  • Spanish and positive communication / Español y comunicación positiva


Wi-Fi network
cultural attractions
air conditioning
electronic boards
computer room and recreation room


Mosaico Spanish Courses
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