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Proyecto Español Granada

Cervantes Institute Certificate

+34 85 812 56 72 +34 95 514 53 30

Calle Párraga, 18
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Proyecto Español is a Spanish language school that specialises in teaching Spanish to foreign students. It has more than 20 years of experience, and its courses have so far been attended by about 10,000 students from over 30 countries. The teaching methods of Proyecto Español are based on continuous use of the language, direct and casual contact with teachers and learning about Spanish culture. The staff consists of professionally educated teachers, some of whom are DELE examiners. The aim of Proyecto Español is to combine teaching with extracurricular activities and to offer attractive prices. For a better understanding of the language, as well as of the country itself, its culture and everyday customs, you can participate in the Language Exchange Programme at no extra cost.

Proyecto Español Granada is a school accredited by the Cervantes Institute, in some German cities the 30-hour-a-week courses are certified by the Ministry of Education and Culture as “Bildungsurlaub”, and in Sweden the school is recognised as one of the Spanish language teaching centres that can admit scholarship holders from this country. Approximately 90% of students take the DELE exams successfully. The school also offers online courses.
The Textbooks, accommodation service and diploma are included in the course fee.

The school is located in the centre of Granada.

Course type

  • Standard course (15h/week) / Curso estándar de 15 horas a la semana
  • Intensive course (25h/week) / Curso Intensivo de 25 horas a la semana
  • Intensive course (30h/week) / Curso Super-Intensivo (25+5) de 30 horas a la semana
  • Long-term courses / cursos de larga duración
  • Long-term courses (30h/week) / Cursos de larga duración (25+5) de 30 horas a la semana
  • Preparation for DELE exams (30h/week) / Curso de preparación D.E.L.E. de 30 horas a la semana
  • Professional courses for teachers (25h/week) / Curso para profesores de 25 horas a la semana
  • combined courses / cursos combinados
  • Individual courses / Clases individuales
  • Special courses / Cursos especiales


possibility to use computers with an Internet connection
extracurricular activities
possibility to use the library


Proyecto Español Granada
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