L’espagnol en Andalousie est bien plus qu’un simple apprentissage. C’est un loisir !

La province d'Andalousie

Almeria is the quintessence of Andalusian contrast. It seems unbelievable that one province can accommodate sandy beaches, snow-covered mountain peaks and even a desert. The cultural and archaeological heritage, on the other hand, reminds of the influence of Phoenicians, Iberians, Romans and Arabs.
The beaches of Cádiz tempted not only surfers but even James Bond - this is where the scene with Halle Berry emerging from the water took place. It is only 14 kilometres from the southernmost town of Spain, Tarifa, to the coast of North Africa, and the border with British territory, Gibraltar, is not far away.
The culture of Islam, Judaism and Christianity are intertwined in the history and architecture of Córdoba. The symbol of the capital is Mezquita, a mosque with a thousand columns connected by colourful arches, which retained its shape under Spanish rule but changed its purpose and became a cathedral. The city is also famous for its narrow streets and internal patios covered in flowers.
You surely won't be bored here in your free time: the sea, the mountains, the unique architecture of Alhambra, and the world-famous tapas bars won't leave you time for this. As a university city, Granada is also full of cultural attractions at affordable prices all year round.
In the history of the world, it became famous as the place from which Columbus' first expedition set off. Today it attracts tourists with its beaches stretching for miles, the wildlife of the Doñana National Park and the best Iberian ham.
This province boasts of its olive groves and the mountainous landscapes covered with olive trees. Jaen ranks first in Spain in terms of production of the treasure of the Mediterranean diet: olive oil, as well as in terms of the number of nature reserves. If you want to take part in the biggest local holiday, come in October!
The province of Malaga is said to have the riches of the whole continent. Whether you like sightseeing, active recreation, or prefer lying on the beach, here you will surely find what you are looking for. Its beautiful landscapes and local cuisine will make the time pass more pleasantly anyway!
It is the largest province of Andalusia and its capital is also the regional capital. If you like sightseeing, you will have to spend a few intense days on Seville itself, and then there are the mosaics in the ruins of Italica, as well as the cities of Carmona and Ecija, which are definitely worth visiting.

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