Espanhol na Andaluzia é mais do que apenas aprender. É entretenimento!

Sobre nós

Who are we? Why Andalusia?

The idea of creating the Hiszpański w website was put forward in 2011, when EXTENDA - the Promotion Agency of Andalusia, recognised the potential in motivated and ambitious students from Poland, who choose Spanish as the language they learn at school more and more often. Over the last 5 years, their number has tripled - nearly 90,000 students had Spanish as a compulsory subject in 2015. This makes this language the most dynamically developing foreign language in our country in terms of popularity.

To these official statistics from the Ministry of National Education, we should add a very broad spectrum of university students and people who study Spanish privately in language schools!

But does it surprise anyone? Spanish is one of the most beautiful and melodious languages in the world. Despite being often considered as the easiest language for Poles to learn, the multitude of varieties and local dialects of Spanish is invariably surprising and never gets boring!

The Hiszpań website was created by people who have been sharing their passion for the Spanish language and Spain itself for many years. We all have lived in this country for a long time (as well as in other Spanish-speaking countries), so we are well aware of the progress that can be made in learning a language right in its cradle. There is no better way to realise that learning a language is not just about learning words and grammar rules - it's about conversations and contact with people!

Foreign courses are an ideal way to immerse yourself in a language, to get to know the cultural context of its use, but also, and importantly, to increase your motivation to continue learning and arouse your curiosity for the language, which is often impossible during lessons in the home country!

The Hiszpański w website aims to present to you a wide range of Andalusian language schools in one place - you will find more than 80 of them here! Each one of them is unique and has a distinctive offer. You will find schools located very close to the beach, in historical city centres and in olive groves. You will combine your Spanish course with active recreation - surfing, dancing, horseback riding, learning to cook, creating ceramics or participating in Spanish film marathons.

No matter your age, interests, budget or language level - we will always try to help you find a school where you can find everything you want!

As a public institution we are not a commercial intermediary, we do not sell courses on our website, although we often inform about promotions and discounts offered by schools in Andalusia at a given time. The Hiszpański w website has an informative function.

Missão é um site de informações não comerciais. Nossa missão é fornecer informação gratuita para você planejar suas tão sonhadas férias com o espanhol. Aqui você encontrará uma seleção de cursos de 52 escolas da região da Andaluzia, juntamente com os dados de contato com a escola. A Extenda, a Agência de Promoção da Andaluzia, foi criada pelo Governo Autônomo da região. Somos uma das dezenas de equipes espalhadas pelo mundo que combinam o trabalho com uma verdadeira paixão. Através do site, queremos ajudar a todos a descobrir rapidamente a oferta de escolas de idiomas individuais na Andaluzia, bem como as atrações de cada localidade.