Spanish in Andalusia is more than just learning. It's leisure!

Spanish + flamenco

Bullfighting, flamenco, ceramics, festivities and holidays - Spaniards are proud of their tradition and culture, they cultivate it and make it famous all over the world. Would you like to discover the real Andalusia? You'll have a pretty tight schedule!

At a festival

The fact that Spaniards like and know how to celebrate is a well-known truth. In addition to all the national, religious or regional holidays, each province has its own specialty: the Carnival of Cádiz, Sevilla’s festival of Feria de Abril, Huelva’s Romería pilgrimage, Granada’s May Crosses Festival (Cruces de Mayo), Córdoba’s traditional Three Kings Parade, Jaen’s Feria de San Lucas festival, Malaga’s celebration of the Holy Week (Semana Santa), Almeria’s battle reconstructions – Moros and Cristianos. Check out our calendar to know what, where and when to see!

In art

Andalusian art boasts of some world-class artists. Picasso was born in Malaga, Velázquez – in Sevilla and Lorca – in Granada. The art of Andalusia also includes handicraft and the simple craftsmen who create it. Tiles and ceramics with traditional motifs are visible at every step: street name plates and house numbers, information boards and flower pots are all ceramic. Every day, Andalusians surround themselves with beautiful objects that are enchanted by centuries of tradition and the influence of many cultures.

In the rhythm of flamenco

Flamenco is not only about dancing, but also about singing, playing the guitar and the art of tapping the rhythm. It is also energy, improvisation and passion. Flamenco comes from Andalusia but has conquered the whole world, as evidenced by its inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Fight to the death

The bull is such an important element of Spanish culture that it has become its symbol. Despite the controversy that bullfighting is causing in the world, and even in other regions of Spain itself, in Andalusia it is an unquestionable celebration. The arenas for toreadors are numerous, but the top ones are located in Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada, Malaga, Jerez (Cádiz), Huelva, Linares (Jaen), in other words, in each of the eight provinces of the region.

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